Wednesday, April 4, 2012


We went to New Braunfels this
past weekend to attend
the 20th Anniversary party
of our friends Janie & Allen

I've done a past post on their beautiful Villa on
the Comal River in New Braunfels
It was a great day to celebrate love, friends & family

They had a live band at the party earlier in the day
but later that evening these guys entertained us while Janie sang.
This is when the real fun started!!

From left to right -
Greg, (Janie's brother), Frank, (a dear friend), Ryan, (Janie's music teacher)
and last but not least my hubby on the far right!!

We all sang along and had a great time!!!!

Janie had her wedding dress on display
She is the only gal I know that after 20 years
she would still fit into this dress!!!!

This weekend, because the inn was full
over at Villa Sartain with family
we stayed in our favorite B&B

Rock Street Retreat

This is the original Gruene Home and it's right down the
street from Gruene, Texas
home of Gruene Hall

We love this property charming and welcoming

There are lots of places to sit and enjoy the great outdoors

There is a cooking shed if you want to grill out

Lucky and Peetie
are the two long horns
that live in the pasture behind
Rock Street

We didn't see the long horn's this time
but when we brought
our English relatives
to Rock Street last year we watched
the long horn's being feed.
The Brits got a kick out of it!! 

They have a little garden area

Rustic Charm
around every corner

Every Little Birdie says -

We had a great weekend, how was yours?

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