Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Two Little Visitors

We had two little visitors
this week
at Papa & Nana's Nest

My niece, Kim, her hubby Jeff
and their kiddos, Tyler & Maci
spent a few days with
us this week as a mini vacation

We packed a lot in -
Monday night
Shrimp boil
Yum, Yum!!!!

Tuesday, the guys went
fishing at Seadrift
They each came home
with a NICE Red Fish!!!!

and I took Kim and the kids
to the little beach at Port Lavaca

They fed the seagulls

Played in the sand & sea

Took time out for lunch
P&J sandwiches

Waded with Aunt Marsha

Took a few minutes to rest

and then back at playing!

Wednesday the boys went
to our friends farm in Goliad
to fish their pond....
Tyler caught 5 fish!!!!

...and the girls went to the
Secret Garden

Maci met some new friends

and fed the fish in the pond

and shared some mom and daughter time

We had a wonderful time
with my sweet niece and
her family

Dan, Pixie and I all waved goodbye
as they were leaving today
and now the house is empty
and too quite.

Tyler & Maci -
Pixie says to tell you
she misses you and all the food you
dropped on the floor.

Every Little Birdie says-

We love to share our place with
family and friends!!

Come see us!!

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