Tuesday, February 21, 2012

White White White

On any given day, if the sun is out
and it's dry you just might find me
out painting things white!!

I love White!
Not everything white, that would be boring.
But I do love my white!

So I look around my house for things that I think would look better with
a coat of white paint

 I start with some of this.....

I gather my subjects for the project

Not wild about this green

and this.....
... is a stool my son made in
shop class in middle school. 
Although I've loved the
blue I think it's time for a change

I'm liking this better!

Perfect decor for my "Winter Porch"

Although I didn't get a before picture of
this sweet little lady, believe me she looks
better with a coat of white paint. 
She was kind of grey and drab
but not now.

The little white stool looks cute
next to Pixie's tiny wicker chair!

Soon, I'm going to take on a bigger project.
Have you heard of Annie Sloan Paint???
Well, it's really great stuff.  I asked Santa for
some this Christmas and I must have
been a good girl because look
what I found under my tree....
This paint is amazing, it has a wonderful
finish to it and you don't have to do any
prep work.....no sanding, just Paint!!!!

I have an old oak table and four chairs
out on my screened porch and .........

Yes, I think they'd look better white!

I'll probably start this project
the first week in March.
I can't wait to show you the new look.

Every little birdie says if you
don't like the color of
something just get a can of spray paint

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