Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Secret Garden

I mentioned in a post last week that we have a
Secret Garden in Victoria, Texas

Shall I tell you my's just too
delightful to keep to myself!

It's the Victoria Educational Gardens
It's a project of the Master Gardener Association.
All the volunteer master gardeners work so hard to make it a beautiful garden and guess what???
It's absolutely FREE!!!!

You'll find it at the very back of the airport property in Victoria.  It's right next to the air traffic controller tower so if you see the tower just follow the road back to the gardens.  It really is a secret!  I'm not sure many folks even know it's back there.  Once you are there it is so secluded and peaceful.  I love to stop in often to see what's blooming, what's not and what's going on.

I take all my guests there.  It's just such a treat.  My grand kids adore the "secret gardens" and love to spend lots of time there
when they visit.

Of course I took my cousins who visited from England -
 they know a pretty garden when they see one!!!!

My grands love to follow all the secret paths
that lead here and there

Trace & Avery, my grands
and they love the ponds too!!!!!

There is a children's garden

An alphabet garden
F is for fox
F is for fern

..... a sensory garden

Esperanza plant -very popular in this area
I already have one in my garden and plan to add more!!

Around every corner you will find sights, sounds, and scents to delight you in every way!!!

This is also the site of a
WWII Air force Base - Foster's Field.
In the middle of the gardens is the
old Officer's Club

People rent this space for weddings and parties.

My Mom and sister sitting at the bar
Officer's Club,Foster Field
(the mural over the bar is airplanes)

It's beautiful, peaceful, educational and yes,
it's our little secret, so remember don't tell anyone!!!  We wouldn't want it NOT to be
a Secret Garden!

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  1. Beautiful gardens! Makes me wish for an early spring here in Michigan! :)

    xoxo laurie

  2. Such lovely gardens!!! Thank you for linking up at Feathered Nest Friday!