Thursday, February 23, 2012

Victorian Charm

Let's be honest, shall we.....

my sweet little town of Victoria
isn't exactly a destination city.

It's called the
"Crossroads of the coastal bend"
for a reason, it's on the way to other places
like Corpus, Austin, & San Antonio.


should you take the time to actually
visit our little town I
think you will find we
have some "Victorian" Charm!!!

Let me take you on a tour
of our "Historical District"

Love the porch steps
to this grand home



Rather stately, don't you think

There are yellow houses.....

......Green houses

Blue houses...

and yes, there is
 a Pink house!

There are secluded homes

Smaller homes

Large Homes

Every little birdie says.....
Come visit us and see for yourself.

I think you'll find our little town
very charming indeed!!

Victoria, Texas
County Courthouse


  1. Oh wow - I just love the "smaller" houses - guess I'm not a big house person! Would love to visit Victoria - I'll have to look it up in my Atlas and put it on my list of places to visit in our camper! Thanks for the pictorial visit in the meantime!
    Found you via French County Cottage Blog hop - would love for you to visit me at
    Thanks -

  2. Love the Victorian Era. I am awarding you the Liebster award. Check it out at my blog

  3. There's nothing better than an older home. They ooze with charm, and no matter how hard architects and designers try to replicate it in new houses, they just can't.