Friday, June 28, 2013

Living Room Reveal

I'm ready to reveal my
Living Room makeover.....

B e f o r e

A f t e r

What a difference my new slipcovers 
make in this room!

I love the way my french script pillows look on the "new" sofa

My vintage ironing board shows up so
much better against this white sofa

and my white drop leaf table looks
great with the new slipcovers

Last night I was busy making this pillow
to go on the "new" love seat
(White flour sack, burlap stripe fabric
a few buttons and one of my fabric flowers)

I also painted and recovered this little stool
for a splash of color in this room
(Red french toile)

Thank you Lisa, at Zip A Stitch
for making my new custom slipcovers

I love the look of my "new"

Every Little Birdie says
Have you ever considered slipcovers
for a "New Look

Thursday, June 27, 2013

The FUN continues.....

Promised I'd fill you in on the fun
we are continuing to have at Nana Camp


We spent half the day at the pool

My Grands never get tired of swimming


We visited the Texas Zoo

This peacock put on a show for us!!

Isn't he beautiful

We also attended a program on
Lion Training

Pretty Cool Stuff!!

My grandson made a friend

After the zoo we headed to ......

Sonic, of course
for lunch and drinks

Then time to cool off....

After a fun filled day we headed home

Nana has to rest for more fun tomorrow

Every Little Birdie says

kids tried this hurricane simulator at the zoo

Tomorrow we are off to be beach for
more fun in the sun!!!!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Nana Camp

We are a few days into

"Nana Camp"

and here is what we've been up to.....

Lots of time spent outdoors



just being a kid!!

A trip to the library for books to read
and videos to watch....

Trip to the Mall
shopping with Nana's money!!!

My grand modeling her new top

We've hit Sonic for happy hour slushies

We met Papa at "Yummy Finds" for lunch
Went to the Aquatic Center for swimming

We visited the Easley Ranch


My grands in front of the
Guadalupe River
at the back of the ranch

and what do you eat for supper 
at "Nana Camp".......
  Hot Dogs, of course!!

 Out on the patio

Enjoying the great outdoors
Sharing fun stories of the day.....
I'll keep you posted on the
continued FUN we are having
at "Nana Camp"

Every Little Birdie says

I feel so blessed to spend time with
my two precious grandchildren

Monday, June 24, 2013

Queen of the Garden

Last year on one of my trips up to the Dallas area
I stopped in Schulenburg, Texas
at the Garden Company

While strolling around the gardens
I found a beautiful plant ......

The Queen Mum Agapanthus from the
Southern Living Plant Collection

she has become the QUEEN of my garden.....

I love watching her beautiful blooms
come to life..........

Who loves a garden still his Eden keeps
Perennial pleasures plants and wholesome harvest reaps
                                                                            Bronson Alcott

To cultivate a garden is to walk with God
                                         Christian Nestell Bovee

A garden really lives only insofar as it is an
expression of faith, the embodiment of a hope
and a song of praise.
                                                 Russell Page

Life begins the day you start a garden -
                              Chinese proverb

Isn't she royal

Queen Mum is the crowning glory of my garden

Every Little Birdie says

and the glory of the Lord will be revealed.....

Through His Creation!!

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