Sunday, June 23, 2013

Nana Camp begins

Picked up the grands Saturday
and headed back on a 
five hour road trip
to South Texas for Nana Camp!!

Stopped for lunch at Mac Donalds
a pit stop and Blizzards at Dairy Queen

and Peter Piper Pizza for dinner

(I won't be getting on the scales this week)

Let the fun begin!!!!

My Adorable Grands

I'm 14

I'm 12

We are off to church today

I'll keep you posted on the fun activities of

Nana Camp

Every Little Birdie says-

Don't miss my post on my
Living Room Reveal this weekend!!!!


  1. I will be there for the closing days of Nana camp! Katy

  2. Beautiful grand kids! Have a fun time! Hugs, Leena