Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Three Little Vintage Dresses

These three little dresses hang above
my wash stand in my bedroom

This pretty dress belonged to
little ole vintage ME

(My mom says it was my favorite dress
and the one I always wanted to wear)

This darling dress was worn by
my sister-in-law

(my very talented mother-in-law made it)

and this smocked dress
belonged to my sweet
baby daughter 

(Who is only a baby in my eyes these days)

For added charm I've pinned
vintage jewelry to them

(this mosiac pin belonged to my grandmother)

and this pin was made by my Aunt

(every time I look at it,
it brings back sweet memories of my Aunt Billie)

and on the shelf above
sits a picture of my Nana

I like it that she's watching over my vintage treasures

Every Little Birdie says
Vintage is another word for
precious memories of the past


  1. what sweet little treasures.
    I like the added jewels to the dresses...they complete the outfits.

  2. How lucky you are to still have your vintage dresses from your childhood. They are so sweet. Stopping in from Dedicated house and now following on GFC. Hope you'll stop by sometime!

  3. So sweet. I have my baby outfit and one of my husband's out on display!

  4. Sweet little dresses and how nice that you still have them to show off and display! Beautiful! :)