Monday, September 30, 2013

Texas Antique Show

Are you familiar with the
two week antique show
 in Texas?
Held once in the Spring
and again in the Fall
It goes for miles running
through charming little
towns such as Warrington,
Roundtop, Carmine and Brenham
These sleepy little towns are transformed into a mega shopping experience with treasures for sale as far as the eye can see!
My friend Judy and I went Saturday
and I have one word for it.......
  The road to GET to the treasures
was a long and slow one!!!
 Oh my gosh,
We are finally here and
I don't know where to start......


Are you ready?  Let's go shopping! 

Oh my, shabby chic
everywhere you look!

I think I've died and gone to heaven
how about you?????

Are you still with me???
If so you've covered a couple of miles so far.  AND you are hot!
The weather is very humid
and mid 90's.  Makeup melting,
hairdo gone, tired feet......  
But girls gotta do
what girls gotta do!!!
So let's continue......


 Wow, am I getting some
great ideas for my booth

How much money have you spent by now?


OK, ready to turn around and
walk all the way back?
We might have missed
something ya know
BTW, where did we park the car?????

Every Little Birdie says
We had a blast!  Hope you did too!
 Can't wait
to do it again next spring!

Next post.....what I bought!!

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  1. WOW such treasures! Yes, that was heavenly!!

    Did you get anything then?