Sunday, September 22, 2013


We rarely embrace change

We are creatures of comfort
and change is often not comfortable

My sweet little bible church 
is experiencing change

After 35 years of devoted service to the Lord
and being a great Shepard to our
 congregation our Pastor has retired

Our new Pastor has started a sermon series
in Joshua (old testament)

In the book of Joshua the Israelites have a new leader
After the death of Moses God chooses Joshua
to lead His people into the promise land

When God caused change in the lives of the Israelites
He went before them and prepared a way

When we follow God
there is no need to fear change

God causes change for our good 
and His glory

I am so excited about the change 
going on in our little church

When your eyes are fixed on JESUS


Every Little Birdie says-
 Welcome Pastor Lopez and family
We embrace the change God is bringing about 
in our lives and yours 

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