Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Trash 2 Treasure

Dropped by
Texas Liquidators
my favorite trash 2 treasure place

look what I found for $10.00

It's in need of a little repair and paint
(which I plan to do when I get "around to it")
but for now it makes a cute little
garden table right by my back door

a place for a bucket of seed packets,
tub of garden gloves, a few tools,
and a watering can

A few decorative pieces
to add a little Birdie charm

It will be perfect for my
spring gardening

Every little Birdie says-

One man's trash another man's treasure!

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  1. Hi Marsha,
    That's a great find, and you created a very welcoming vignette with it. I'm answering your question here, because your comment came up "No Reply". I don't think I've heard of the specific company you mentioned. I belong to a publishing network, so I only add links from them, and they're temporary. I'd say google, or ask around before you do anything.

  2. I love little tables with drawers especially in white. What a charming vignette by your door. I cannot believe you paid so little for it.