Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Eclectic Fun

I promised to show you the rest
of my weekend projects

(Building my inventory for my booth @ Goliad Market Days next month)

A friend of mine gave me an old stool
which at one time had a wicker insert,
but the wicker was long gone and the stool
was in need of some loving care.....

I studied this stool for some time trying
to decide what I would do with it
and then it came to me.....

I went to the Re-Store and bought a
cabinet door that would make a nice top
for my stool/table

both stool and cabinet door got a coat of
white paint
then hubby helped me glue the cabinet door
onto the stool

I added a knob where the hardware
would have been

Stenciled a chandelier on the top

It's kind of eclectic in a fun way
I think it turned out cute
Hope I find the right buyer for this piece

I'm also making some book page wreaths to go in my booth

and I'm doing some old cabinet door
chalkboards as part of my inventory

What other projects do I have on the horizon????

You'll have to check back and see!

Every Little Birdie says-
See you tomorrow on Valentine's Day!

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