Wednesday, February 27, 2013

On the Ranch

I promised my daughter I would do a post
about the ranch where I'm working .
I do short work assignments now and then
for a little extra money
(who couldn't use some of that)

I'm doing a four week assignment
at a ranch office
while the office manager is
out on medical leave

I love the casual atmosphere
and the view outside my
office is not too shabby

Isn't this magnificent Live Oak tree,
outside my window, beautiful

Now that I've showed you around a little
let's walk back to the office
there's someone I want you to meet

I have a little assistant in this office
her name is BeBe Cat
She's the office kitty
There are plenty of cats running
around outside, but they are called
the barn cats and they do not have
the same privileges as BeBe Cat
BeBe Cat is a touch sassy and
she seems to think that my desk and
work area are hers!!!!

and when I fuss because she's
laying on my paperwork

she says.......

"Lady you can fuss till the cows come home,
but this was my spot before you got here and it will
be my spot when you're long gone" 
Such is the life of a temp
And what do you wear, you might ask,
when you are working on a ranch???

Western boots, of course!!
Every Little Birdie says-
I'm off to the ranch.....
what are you up to today????
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  1. What a lovely view and I am glad BeBe kitty lets you work there! I love that top you have on.

    1. Thanks Donna Glad you dropped by. BeBe says I have to get back to work now.

  2. your vistas of the ranch look fabulous to me!

    visiting via vintagefarmhouse and hope you'll have a moment to pop over.



  3. Looks like a wonderful working environment to me! I'd love to have an office kitty :) BeBe has the most gorgeous eyes!

    Visiting from Creative Things Thursday :)

  4. Thank you for linking. Gorgeous scenery!