Thursday, December 27, 2012

After Christmas Shopping

My 14 year old grandson is
staying with us for a few days
after Christmas

I promised to take him to the
Victoria Mall yesterday
to spend some of
his Christmas cash

The mall is not my "cup of tea"
when it comes to shopping.......

but look what I found in an eclectic
shop that carried new and "OLD" things

This cute little drawer
painted blue with a glass knob

Right up my alley

and here's the best part........
everything in this shop was marked 75% off!!!!

Cute drawer.....$3.24

this pretty silver tray

love the detail on this piece

drum roll please.........$2.24!!

and last but not least
This great old bucket
filled with baby's breath
I added the dried roses and flowers

at the grand price of $6.48

Amazing to find these things at
the Victoria Mall

Oh, and grandson found
a pair of Van shoes
that were right up his alley

A fun day spent with grandson....
After Christmas shopping
checked off my list.....
and some great deals on a few
 lovely old treasures

Every Little Birdie says-

Hope you found some bargains too
at the after Christmas sales!!


  1. Wow! You really scored with those great finds. Love,love the old drawer. Thanks for sharing. Karie

  2. Love your great finds! take care, Darlene