Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Vintage Pillows

Yesterday I pulled out a few of my
vintage pillowcases
(vintage is another way of saying "old")

......first let me say this project started
when I bought a brand new
rocker for the screened porch
It looked so fresh and new
I decided to freshen up
some of my other chairs
with "new" pillows

only problem I don't sew, soooooo
......that's where the vintage pillow cases
came in to play

This chair got a total revamp with a
new seat pillow and back pillow
I just took some old pillows I had
popped them into the vintage pillowcases
and presto new pillows

I folded the top over on the back pillow
and secured it with a vintage pin

New fresh look!!

I also used a vintage pillowcase
on one of my chairs at
the table

I secured it
with a hand embroidered pin
made by my Aunt Billie

I already had used an old pillowcase
on the chair at the other end of the table
This is the table I painted white
with the "old white" Annie Sloan paint
I've decided to also paint these end chairs
with the ASCP
New cushions, new paint,
Things are getting freshened up
on Birdie's Porch!!!!!

I'll do a post once I paint the end chairs white

Oh and BTW,
Happy July 4th from
me, hubby and Pixie!!!!!

Every Little Birdie says -


  1. What a great idea for making pillows. Love them!
    Mary Alice

  2. Your decor is so smashingly feminine and lovely! Really cute idea...I love it!

  3. How clever and a great use of those vintage linens. I love the idea of using the pins to secure them. Really creates a sweet look!

  4. I love vintage embroidered pillowcases- what a cute use for them! I have a large collection and use them on the summer beds. The pin made by your aunt was a really special touch!
    Your little Pixie is adorable. :)

  5. Great job with the pillows. Pixie is adorable:)