Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Nostalgic Vignette

If you've read my posts
you know I'm very nostalgic

I love to use and display
those things that are dear to me

So I thought I'd share a
little vignette I put together
in my guest bedroom

I used an old drawer for my shelf

My Great Grandmother's thimble
The little card was my parents wedding announcement

A sweet picture of my sister and me taken outside my
granddad's pub in England

I found this old frame at my
favorite resale shop

Lacy hanky on the left belonged to my Grandma Cherry
the pretty one of the right was my Nana's
my mom wore the pretty gloves at her wedding
....and the picture is of my mom aboard the ship when
she sailed to America (English War Bride)

I love to have my keepsakes
and pictures out
as a daily reminder
of the people in my life
that are so very dear to me

Every Little Birdie says-
Rejoicing in past memories


  1. Marsha, i love to be surrounded by pictures and keepsakes of my family too. Your display is perfect!

    1. Thanks Carlene for your lovely comment.

  2. This is just beautiful, and you have displayed everything so nicely. I like the wooden shelf, especially! I am a sentimental blogger (something I didn't realize until I started blogging! Every vignette or shelf in my house includes a piece of our family's past!

    1. I think we have a lot in common! A lot of the things in my home have family history. Thanks for your lovely comments.