Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Once upon a time.....

Our trip to Belgium was a bit like
being in a fairy tale

As you enter the historic city of Brugge
you are swept back to the

Golden age (12th to 15th century)


This romantic city of winding
canals dotted with swans,
gilded architecture, great beer,
beautiful lace, and delicious chocolate 
is a dream come true

 Great Beer
 Beautiful Lace

Delicious chocolate
 Our guide gave us the history of this ancient
city as we slowly toured the canals 
in our water taxis

He told us this fellow was
in this window everyday watching 
the boats pass by

  but not always awake

 and if all this beauty wasn't enough
our apartment at the House of Season's 
was equally as gorgeous!

One evening after dinner
we found a group of Italian school girls
singing in the square. It was as if
heaven had touched earth

The sound was incredible

A moment I will never forget

 Brugge at night is a fantasy land

Performers in the square

Thank you to my wonderful
English family for taking us
on this awesome trip

Every Little Birdie says

Goodbye beautiful Brugge

Next post.......France!

Monday, October 20, 2014

By the sea, the beautiful sea

Continuing my tour
of the little seaside towns
of Cornwall

Next we come to St. Ives

 We felt like
we were in a postcard

It was our one and only
blustery day

 Let's take a little walk 
through the narrow streets 
of this tiny town

and now let's pop over 
to Newquay, another seaside

 Very popular with the tourists!

Maybe you'd like to stay at this lovely
seaside home, accessible only,
 by it's own private bridge! 

Every Little Birdie says

Seaside Villages of Cornwall

Continuing to tour the coast of
Cornwall, England

 Welcome to Boscastle

 Let's take a walk through
this charming village 

We could stop in at this small
cafe for crumpets and tea

As we make our way to the sea
we find someone having
a bit of fun

and a few boats waiting for the tide to return......
 ..... alas we reach our destination

 The sea
and it's rocky coastline


I love it's rugged beauty

and the charm of this
small village

Every Little Birdie says
Next post we'll visit
Newquay and St. Ives