Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Too beautiful for words......

I was going to do a post on our trip to Cornwall
but each village we visited was so beautiful
and I took so many pictures that...........

I decided to do posts on each village
in Cornwall

(I will give a disclaimer in advance, the next few posts will have lots and lots 
and lots of pictures, and I'm sorry but I can't help myself.  
I just couldn't leave any of them out!!)  

Let me start with where we stayed
Bodmin, Cornwall

Our accommodations
It was once an old barn

 There were three bedrooms downstairs
and a lovely living area upstairs


  Our home base for the eight days
while we were in Cornwall

 A few blocks away we found our
local pub, The Hole In The Wall

(originally an old debtor's prison)

 I came here every night for WiFi and a half pint of Ale

 and so did hubby!

 Our first outing was to the little seaside village of Port Isaac

Since the 1980s the village has served as backdrop to various television productions, including the BBC series Doc Martin, where it is referred to as Port Wenn.

Andy & Anne waiting for the American  slowpokes who aren't use to all this walking

Stunning beauty every where you looked

It took my breath away
 Hubby and I posing in front
 of the Doc's house, Fern Cottage

The Chemist Shop on the show Doc Martin

Every Little Birdie says
 Could you have left any of these pictures out?

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