Friday, October 3, 2014

A trip down memory lane

Hubby and I are back from our month long trip to England!

Everyone has asked me -

"What was your favorite thing while you were there?"

My answer, "Returning to the 
ancient town of Wareham, Dorset, England
where my grandparents ran their pub, The Lord Nelson, where my mom grew up, and where I lived 
for a short time in 1968. "

Wareham was founded by the Saxons 
around 700 A.D.

Read about it's history here 

Let's take a walk down memory lane.....

 Our tour starts at the bottom of town at the
Quay that overlooks the River Frome

My family on the Quay
Swans on the River Frome
The Old Cranary on the Quay

Cousins in front of the Quay Inn

The Quay
Me, Anne, and Helen
at the Quay

 Hubby found his car!!!

St. Martin's Church
Located just off the Quay

This is the church where my parents were married
where I was christened

Inside St. Mary's

                        The ancient font where I was christened

Continuing our tour down Cow Lane towards the Walls

 The Saxon Walls of Wareham

The common Land and the River Piddle at the bottom of the Walls
Sitting on my favorite bench on the Walls
 Family time on the Walls

 Leaving the Walls and moving towards New Street

New Street, where my grandparents lived after the Pub
Family in front of Nana & Granddad's house on New Street
 Someone has moved my Granddad's garage!

 Walking down North Street

We pass a fish market selling Cockles and Shells

and Hubby's favorite bakery, Nellie Crumbs

where he loves to buy his sweets

 Turning left down a side street

 Let's stop in at the Duke of Wellington Pub

 sharing some laughs over pints of Ale

 Hubby and cousin Andy

 The back garden of the Duke of Wellington Pub

Walking back to North Street we pass
the Horse & Groom

and come to The Red Lion Hotel

 Turning on North Street

 We pass a couple having tea in front of their shop

 Next we come to the Kings Arms Pub

A nice meal at the King's Arms Pub

 Up North Street towards St. Martin's Church

Inside St. Martin's

St. Martin's is known for it's effigy of 
Sir Lawrence of Arabia

and down the hill to the 
(My Granddad's former Pub)

Me at the front door of the Lord Nelson

The house billeted by the Army
My Dad stayed in this house and made many 
trips to the Pub next door
(Therefore meeting one of the Landlords pretty daughters)
My Mom!
(who married my Dad and became 
one of the many British WWII War Brides)

Returning to this tiny town
and reliving so many wonderful memories
was the gift of a life time!
This post is dedicated to my Mom
 May these memories bring you joy
 and is written in the memory of my
grandparents, Maurice and Nydia Ash
Picture of their wedding day

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  1. What an adorable quote at the end of this post... pretty much sums up your trip. You said it was a gift of a lifetime to return there and see these sights again. I know that isn't just cliche... I can tell by the sweet smile on your face it was cherished!
    It was lovely to see it.
    thanks for sharing your lovely sights and experience