Saturday, October 4, 2014

Welcome to Parva Cottage

I'd like to introduce you to my cousins
Andy & Anne

and their lovely home at Parva Cottages
Which they graciously shared with us
during our visit to England 

In England this is called a 
semi-detached house

Theirs is the one on the far end

 They have a beautiful little garden with 
a small "summer" house
for relaxing and perhaps reading

Clothes lines are still used in England
and I can tell you the clothes smell so
good drying in the beautiful, fresh English air!

Andy & Anne have decorated their lovely cottage 
with a simple red theme

 Including this cross-stitched poppy picture

Pretty dining and kitchen area

Anne has an extensive collection of these
lovely botanical dishes

 Mr. Fox sits by the front door ready to stretch out
and prevent drafts

 Each morning I looked out my bedroom window
to this gorgeous view

View of the back of Parva Cottages

 The cottages share a sectioned garage

 Cottages behind Andy and Anne's home

 Many mornings I would take a walk
to soak in the beauty of this little village

I'd pass the post box and phone booth
and continue down to the next street

The Road less traveled

 How perfectly quaint

Continuing on till the road turns gravel
(hence the name Gravel Lane)

 Passing beautiful fields

 I came to a wooded path

Dare I go further ????????

Oh, yes!  I am loving every minute of this little journey! 

 and what do you think I found on the other side.........

 This charming cottage!

Time to return to Parva Cottage

 and have a rest in Andy's 
little summer house

Every Little Birdie says
 Thank you Andy and Anne for making your
cottage our home away from home.
You are the perfect hosts! 



  1. Adorable!
    I just enjoy seeing all the little simple; and not at all fussy?
    Are there no Jones' in England?
    We are so busy keeping up with the Jones here-- nothing quaint and simple about the neighborhoods.
    Your trip to visit your cousin was no doubt restful.

  2. Really loved this tour, but I cannot wait to sit with you and hear first hand all about it. Soon my friend. janie

  3. Oh my goodness, so beautiful! I love the pretty reds and other colors they've incorporated in their cottage. The area is amazingly pretty and makes me want to go there some day!

  4. Anne and Andy's home is just lovely! And the garden is so sweet, I love the summer house and all those cottages. What a beautiful part of England they live in. I would take walks all the time if I lived there!