Monday, October 6, 2014

The Georgian town of Blandford Forum

For my friends and family
A post on the little town of 
Blandford Forum
(Minutes from Anne and Andy's house)
Read about it's history Here

Located on the banks of the River Stour, Blandford Forum 
is the most complete, small Georgian town in England. 

The River Stour

 Walking beside the River Stour
to the market town of Blandford

The Georgian Age (1714 - 1830) 

Let's take a walk around town
How about a pint at the Dolphin

 Or a bite to eat at the fish & chips shop

Plenty of shops to pop into
(Anne looking in window)

Look who's trying on hats in one shop

 Let's take a tour of the gardens

 strolling through the streets of Blanford

We end up at Preezo's Italian Resturant
for a family lunch
Anne, Andy, Dan, and Gerald (Anne's brother and Fran's husband)
Anne & Helen
on our next trip to Blandford
for some shopping, the Fashion Museum & Tea

First stop-
Vintage at the Village Hall
(The Corn Exchange, Market Place)

Yes, I was in Vintage Heaven!
Lots of looking and oh yes, some buying!!

My Purchases!

Next on to the Blandford Fashion Museum

 Helen & Anne

 Wait, that's no mannequin
that's my cousin Helen!! 

 The art of lace making

and our last stop
the Tea Shop 

Tea, Scones, clotted cream & jam 
 Every Little Birdie says
 Hope you enjoyed your tour
of the beautiful town of Blandford Forum

Next Post - Picnic in the New Forest

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  1. What an incredible post! I want to just jump in and be there! I love how you did it chronologically, it's just amazing how many wonderful things you were able to experience. I love, love, love this. I'll be waiting for the next one!