Monday, September 30, 2013

Texas Antique Show

Are you familiar with the
two week antique show
 in Texas?
Held once in the Spring
and again in the Fall
It goes for miles running
through charming little
towns such as Warrington,
Roundtop, Carmine and Brenham
These sleepy little towns are transformed into a mega shopping experience with treasures for sale as far as the eye can see!
My friend Judy and I went Saturday
and I have one word for it.......
  The road to GET to the treasures
was a long and slow one!!!
 Oh my gosh,
We are finally here and
I don't know where to start......


Are you ready?  Let's go shopping! 

Oh my, shabby chic
everywhere you look!

I think I've died and gone to heaven
how about you?????

Are you still with me???
If so you've covered a couple of miles so far.  AND you are hot!
The weather is very humid
and mid 90's.  Makeup melting,
hairdo gone, tired feet......  
But girls gotta do
what girls gotta do!!!
So let's continue......


 Wow, am I getting some
great ideas for my booth

How much money have you spent by now?


OK, ready to turn around and
walk all the way back?
We might have missed
something ya know
BTW, where did we park the car?????

Every Little Birdie says
We had a blast!  Hope you did too!
 Can't wait
to do it again next spring!

Next post.....what I bought!!

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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

But wait, there's more!

Have you ever started a project
and it just kept growing?

Mine started with this....

A small frame I painted white
backed with french fabric
An old clock face
and some new hands for the clock

I then hung my creation on the wall in the hallway

"Is that new said my hubby?"

"Why yes dear it is, do you like it?"

time passes.....

the more I looked at it 
the more I thought it needed something more.....

 .......a square frame, painted white

"Is that new said my hubby?"

"Why yes dear it is, do you like it?"

But every time I passed by
I still wasn't happy with my project......

 It just needed a little something else...

One more large frame,
painted white

hubby - "are you finished with
that thing yet?????" 

"Why yes dear I am, don't you think
it's perfect now?" 
 Every Little Birdie says -

  Let no project end
before it's time 

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Around the corner...

October is just around the corner

and thinking about October has put me
in the crafting mood

So last night I created this cute little banner

Every October our neighborhood has a big 
Halloween party

All the kids are taken on a hay ride
around to the houses to trick or treat
and then brought back to the party

(already in process by many of the adults)

and yes the big people have fun
dressing up too!!!

Every Little Birdie says
   What fun activities does your
community have this fall?

Sunday, September 22, 2013


We rarely embrace change

We are creatures of comfort
and change is often not comfortable

My sweet little bible church 
is experiencing change

After 35 years of devoted service to the Lord
and being a great Shepard to our
 congregation our Pastor has retired

Our new Pastor has started a sermon series
in Joshua (old testament)

In the book of Joshua the Israelites have a new leader
After the death of Moses God chooses Joshua
to lead His people into the promise land

When God caused change in the lives of the Israelites
He went before them and prepared a way

When we follow God
there is no need to fear change

God causes change for our good 
and His glory

I am so excited about the change 
going on in our little church

When your eyes are fixed on JESUS


Every Little Birdie says-
 Welcome Pastor Lopez and family
We embrace the change God is bringing about 
in our lives and yours 

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Waltzing across Texas Part 2

We continued to tour our great state
with my English family

Magnolia Beach- 40 minutes from our house

 I took the girls to the beach
while the boys went fishing out of Seadrift, Texas

 We visited historical Goliad
Goliad's Town Square

 Outside my favorite shop on the square

Goliad's historical courthouse set in the middle of the square

A few miles outside Goliad we visited
 Mission Espiritu Santo

 Presidio La Bahia
(The fort where Fannin and his men
were captured and later massacred)

Remember the Alamo, Remember Goliad


The Chapel attached to the fort
Still an active church

On down the road......

 and we found ourselves in Cureo
(home of the oil boom)

While in Cureo we ate a delicious lunch
at the Bohnhof Cafe
(they tried Fried Pickles)

 and our last day we headed out
through the Texas countryside

and arrived in Shiner, Texas

 Spoetzl Brewery
Home of Shiner Beer
(a favorite with the English)

 we also popped into our favorite shop in Shiner
Antiques, Art & Beer

But they say all good things must come to an end....

So today we gave our English family
a big Texas hug
and bid them goodbye

Every Little Birdie says-
  Till next September that is.....

when we visit them in Jolly Ole England!!!!