Sunday, August 4, 2013

Double Blessing

We were blessed twice
this weekend

My sister and her hubby
paid a visit

Blessing One

and they joined us on a 
Saturday road trip over to
Blessing, Texas

Blessing Two

What you may ask is in Blessing, Texas?????

The historical Hotel Blessing


But wait there's more!!!!
The Hotel Blessing serves up home cooking
that we'd heard tell was pretty darn good

So of course we had to check it out for ourselves.....

Oh yea, good ole southern food at it's best

After lunch we continued to roam around 
this neat old place


Behind those screen doors are
the rooms which you can still stay in
for $35.00 a night!!

Every Little Birdie says-
 Count your blessings...
One by Two


  1. Oh I just loved rich history, what a neat place! And $35 a night? Well, seems like prices haven't changed with the times at ALL! That's just too awesome!

  2. What a lovely name for a town. Blessings.