Monday, August 26, 2013

Changing it up!!

I don't know about you 
but I'm constantly making 
little changes around the house

Nothing stays in one place too long

I get in one of those "moods"
and I move one little thing
and that leads to another,
and another, 

Well you get the picture

Here are some of my latest changes

 I love changing up my sideboard

also the little book shelf over
my kitchen desk

and then there was this project
I was working on for my booth

but it never made it that far
I decided the hallway wall
outside my guest bath
needed a little something!

 My hubby walked by the other day
and said "has that always been there?"

"Why know dear, it hasn't.  It was time 
for a little change"

Don't you just love to see
how long it takes a man
to notice change!

Every Little Birdie says
 I made one little change
while I was taking pictures for this post
Did you spot it?????


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