Friday, February 26, 2016

Wonders of God

Recently in Bible Study
we were asked to select
a scripture
and illustrate it
I'd like to share mine with you.
Psalm 9:1-2

I will give thanks to the Lord with all my heart;
I will tell of all Your wonders.
I will be glad and exult in You.
I will sing praise to your name,
O Most High.

T H E  W O N D E R S


(I apologize for the slideshow
not showing up on mobile devices
If anyone knows the step for this
please let me know)

A few of the pictures were
taken from the Internet
 but some of them are photos
I've taken while traveling
around this beautiful place
I call home
South Texas
(and a few were snapped in my own back yard)
God's wonders are everywhere
Every Little Birdie says
God of wonders beyond our galaxy
You are holy, so holy
The universe declares Your Majesty
You are holy, holy


Tuesday, February 23, 2016

White Wednesday

White Wednesday
is back!!
I love to collect white dishes
All kinds, all sizes,
all shades of white
I've collected these over the years
When I have a need for one of them
I just pull them off the shelf
give them a wash and
They are also scattered around my house
I love decorating with them
Every Little Birdie says
I might be a little obsessed
with white dishes

Friday, February 19, 2016

Learning by trial and error

Remember this corner in my guest room
The chair on the right was a dumpster dive
I put it back together, painted it and re-upholstered
with a pretty toile print.
The chair on the left was originally Gramy's,
 my sister's mother-in-law.
My sister inherited it (along with many other
beautiful antiques) and being the sweet
sister that she is, she passed it on to me.
This chair is very old and has a spring seat. 
The springs were shot and when you sat
down you felt like you were going to
fall through the chair. 
 I called a friend of mine
that does professional up-holstering.
Vodie - I have a problem
He said "You need to remove the cover and see
if the springs need to be re-tied"
Not wanting to sound, well stupid,
I said "Oh OK"
I hung up the phone and began to
research it on the good ole internet.
             Video for retying springs chair▶ 10:27


 Brown strings were the old ones
that had rotted and broke
the new string is white and
you can't really see it- thank goodness!

Ok, we won't look too close because mine
does not look like the one above but the
springs are secure and I added the poly
filling around them to add extra support

after I tied the springs I turned the chair over
and put new webbing on the bottom
I will cover this with canvas
to give it a finished look 
I then turn the chair back over
and added two layers of foam over the 
springs and then
stapled cotton batting over that
(This gave me a nice round crown for my seat
and plenty of cushion)

I then stapled a canvas covering over this,
but once again I didn't get a picture.....
I need to work on multi tasking
 I positioned the fabric over my chair
and trimmed it to fit
I used tack nails to secure my fabric
to the chair. Remember to stretch tight!
Working it around the back of the
chair can be tricky but
I'm not an expert and I did it
so that means so can you!!
I chose two pieces of trim
The wide one will cover all my staples
and tack nails.
I'll use my decorative nail tacks
to secure the red trim on top of
the wider beige trim

I used two kinds of glue to attach my wide trim

The fabric glue went on the fabric and the gorilla
glue was applied to the wooden frame of the chair

Two different surfaces, two different glues

I used my sandwich press to hold
down the glued trim.  It was a little tedious
because you had to do a section at a time
and let the glue dry before you moved to
the next section.
Next I used my decorative tacks.
I secured the red smaller trim by hammering
in the tacks.  Getting them spaced and even
takes a little practice.
Mine aren't perfect but for my first time
I don't think they look too bad.


I'm pretty pleased with myself

Somebody (hubby) said they didn't think
I could do it!

Note to men:  Never tell a women she
can't do something - she will prove you
wrong every time!

Every Little Birdie says
Sitting pretty!

Monday, February 15, 2016

Old is New

Last week I freshened my back
screened porch
This week I did a little Re-Do
on the front porch

I bought these new chairs for the back screened porch

 So these old green wicker chairs
had to find a new home
hmmm, I think I'll move them to the
Front Porch
 Wow, I love them on the front porch
it's a fresh new look!

The garden rocker found a new home
in the corner next to the hutch
(and yes, I added some new pillows)

My Dad's Martin house was
relocated to the other end of the porch
with the little rocker sitting beside it
and finally, I put a twin bed frame behind
my old bench to give it a
different look

How long do you think I moved things
around and reworked décor items????

Well, hubby says-  Way too long!
But I say- "Until I got it right, of course"

Now it's time to get a glass of wine,
find a comfy seat on the front porch
and watch the sun gently set into the horizon

Every Little Birdie says

Life is good

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day!


Every Little Birdie says

Friday, February 12, 2016

Spring Cleaning

It's 80 degrees here in South Texas
This beautiful warm day
found me doing a bit of spring cleaning
on my screen porch
Wiped everything down
swept the floors
got out my spring décor
changed out my table cloth
and created a pretty center piece

Freshened up
 my cabinet/secretary

Which holds a collection of glassware
pottery and enamel
The old quilts are
for guests to use in the hammock
The screened porch is a popular place to
eat meals or play games during nice weather
or just kick back and RELAX

the porch is ready for Spring guests!!
Every Little Birdie says
....and Spring is just around the corner

Sunday, February 7, 2016


I want my Guest Room to be a haven
for my family and friends

I believe that's part of hospitality
having a guest room that feels
like a HOME away from home

So with this in mind I decided to make some changes.....

This sleigh bed was my son's when he was younger
A little too modern for my taste
Time to give it to my grandson
and find one more fitting for this room

So I started looking .......

I found some wonderful antique iron beds
but they were too big for my room
and would have over powered the space
I finally found a four poster bed
that after a little
would be perfect

Here is the foot board
(didn't get a before of the headboard)

Head board with one coat of paint

Second coat of chalk paint

A little distressing

A pretty stencil

Are you ready for the finished project?

Comfy and Inviting


Filled with some personal touches
A relaxing atmosphere
I love the four poster bed
It's softer, fits in with my shabby theme,
and I think it creates a very warm and welcoming
room for my guests
Every Little Birdie says