Monday, February 15, 2016

Old is New

Last week I freshened my back
screened porch
This week I did a little Re-Do
on the front porch

I bought these new chairs for the back screened porch

 So these old green wicker chairs
had to find a new home
hmmm, I think I'll move them to the
Front Porch
 Wow, I love them on the front porch
it's a fresh new look!

The garden rocker found a new home
in the corner next to the hutch
(and yes, I added some new pillows)

My Dad's Martin house was
relocated to the other end of the porch
with the little rocker sitting beside it
and finally, I put a twin bed frame behind
my old bench to give it a
different look

How long do you think I moved things
around and reworked décor items????

Well, hubby says-  Way too long!
But I say- "Until I got it right, of course"

Now it's time to get a glass of wine,
find a comfy seat on the front porch
and watch the sun gently set into the horizon

Every Little Birdie says

Life is good

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