Sunday, April 3, 2016

Staging 101

I had fun staging the room
in my last POST
so I thought I'd try my hand at another
This time we are staging a living room


What stays.....What goes

I'll keep the white sofa
and the two green chairs
Staging Tip # 1
Keep it Simple 
Everything else has to go!
(and yes, I'm sorry but that means the
family pictures on the wall)

Staging Tip # 2
Shop your house

Click Here and let's walk around
this home and look
for pieces that would
add character to our staging room

(it's all about less is more so the other
rooms won't miss a piece or two)

I found a few pieces.....Did you?
this little white table
and lamp will work great
between the two green chairs
and this white floor lamp looks
like an after thought in this room
but it will really stand out in
our staged room

This large ottoman serves no real purpose
stuck under the bar top
Let's move it to a place where it
can take center stage
Staging Tip # 3
Re-arrange furniture

Flip the floor plan

Chairs in front of the window
Couch across from the chairs

Now place your little white table
and lamp between the green chairs
(all centered in front of the large window)

Put the floor lamp beside the sofa
(on the side next to the wall)
Staging Tip # 4
You may have to spend a little
to make your property "POP"

and shopping the internet could save you
time and money
  I found this great rug at

Nothing says "Florida" like bright, beautiful flowers

place it between your sofa and chairs
to define your space
and add that extra "POP"


..........and while we're shopping why not add
a couple of these pretty pillows to your online "cart"
Won't they make great accents
for those green chairs
Tie it all together
by placing the large white ottoman
 as a coffee table
between the sofa and chairs
Place a pretty tray on the ottoman
with a Coastal Living magazine displayed
Staging Tip # 5
A great first impression can seal the deal
When you walk into this home
this room is
this first thing your buyer will see
Why not turn it from ordinary
Every Little Birdie says

With a few of my
Staging 101 tips



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