Saturday, April 16, 2016

Rustic & Rusty

That just about sums up my outdoor patio
As most of you know
we do most of our relaxing
on our screened porch

We love our "southern style" 
screened porch

 But sometimes we venture outdoors
to what we affectionately call our
Red Neck Patio
It's exposed to the
elements and things tend
to get a little shabby
(and I don't mean "good shabby"!)
But I think it has it's own charm
I recently added a couple of
"Rustic" pieces
Let me show you.......
Found this old wash tub
in Giddings, Tx
at the Whistle Stop

Filled it with birdhouses
and plants

Rust will only improve this!

and then today I dropped into
the new "JUNKTORIA"
located out Hwy 185

.....and found this great table!

It has an iron base with
a white enamel top

Already a little rusty
with a great green patina on the iron

 My Dad's old minnow bucket
filled with succulents is just the decor
this table needs!!
And how great is this
old rusty metal box
turned into a planter
and walking from the house
out to the patio
look what I (Almost) stumbled upon....
A new born fawn!!!

During the Spring we often
find these babies stashed on our property.  
The mothers leave them for short periods
when they forage for food.
These babies lay perfectly still
not even blinking!
And the Good Lord, in His
infinite wisdom,
doesn't give them a scent
until they are older, therefore
they are usually safe from predators.
Of course I keep my eye on them
till Mom get's back!!
Every Little Birdie says
Regardless if we are on the
Front porch
Screened porch
or Outdoor porch
Life is just better on a porch!


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