Saturday, November 23, 2013

Fun Week

This past week I headed north
to visit my family in the
Dallas/Ft.Worth area

I visited my daughter's 
Pre-K class
 Such a joy to watch her teach

 She calls her students
her "sweet peas"

She loves them and they love her!!

Also while visiting
I found some time to shop!!!!

 I stopped in at my favorite
antique shop located in
my old stomping ground

take a look around......

I love this place and always 
find something delightful
that needs to go home with me!

Another thing that I found
delightful was the fall trees
in the Metroplex area

  beautiful fall colors
every where I drove
 Lots of quality time spent
with family

The opportunity to do a little
shopping in the big city

Every Little Birdie says

1 comment:

  1. Your daughter is precious. I bet her students just love her!! You make me miss teaching ... a little. :)

    I just looked up Golightly's and it would take me an hour and fifteen minutes to get there from home. Maybe some day!