Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The secret of happiness

......is worshiping God
in everything

As I lay on my daybed out on the
screened porch this evening
reading a good book and listening
to the rain fall I thought.....

Thank you God for simple pleasures

Don't you love it when you
can be completely content
with the simple things in life

And speaking of simple pleasures
my book club is reading a
series of books this summer

They are filled with action, politics, prophecy,
world events and yes even romance

If reading is one of your simple pleasures
check out the following series
by Joel C. Rosenberg:

Every Little Birdie says -
Happy Reading

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Vintage labels

I like using vintage labels/graphics
when I'm crafting

I've collected them from
all over the internet

Here are some of my favorites

Aren't these gorgeous

I cut these out and made a banner with them
turned out so cute!!

Vintage clocks rock!!

are you as wild about
 vintage sheet music
as I am????

and then there are these........

 Oh how I love a vintage postcard!!

If you fancy any 
of these vintage labels 
then by all means, pin them
to your Pinterest board!!!

Every Little Birdie says-
I like to share the vintage love

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Birdie's Business

I'm moving along with
starting my
Birdie Business

I've filed for my tax I.D. number

Ordered my business cards

Checked into the requirements and
fees at some of the local trade shows

And as I've mentioned before
I'm marketing my Vintage Crafts
to some of the local shops around town

I've had my own business before
but it wasn't a retail business

 I have a lot to learn about
the retail side of business 

Any comments, ideas, suggestions
would be greatly appreciated

Every Little Birdie needs all the help she can get!!

Last post "Birdie" was madly working on craft projects

.........well, I've slowed down a little bit

Today I focused on finishing ONE project

Remember when I showed you this.......

I bought the brown chair in the back at a local
flea market for $8.00

Well now it looks like this!

A coat or two of Annie Sloan's "Old White"

It came with a cushion but the fabric was

So a quick trip to Hobby Lobby
resulted in this pretty french fabric!!

This beauty's not going to market
It's staying right here
as a great addition to my
table and chairs on the
screened porch

Every Little Birdie says-

Monday, August 20, 2012

In the groove

I'm in the crafting groove......

I just can't seem to stop thinking
about projects

Is there a help line for this madness????

Here's a snap shot of the


Annie Sloan Fever!!!!!
Hubby says I'm out of control........he's afraid
I'll paint him white!

Hubby's grandfather made this little rocking chair
for the kids many years ago


This flea market frame got a coat of white paint
a paper rose, wire strung and
a pretty post card

of course I'm mad about decorating bottles!!!!

More flea market finds
Old frame
old silverware
Old postcard

Latest Project!!!!


Projects, projects, projects!!!!
I just can't stop!

Every Little Birdie says-

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Bargain Shopping

Don't ya just love the great
bargains you can
find at
Hobby Lobby

I found these two
items 50% off

I was thrilled to find this burlap lamp shade

.....when I got it home I
decided to add the burlap ribbon and
"book page" paper roses

And now I love it even more!!

It definitely looks better than
this old green one

This is a much better look
for my screened porch

and here is my other fun find......

I'm in love with french script pillows
and this one was a steal!!

Every Little Birdie says -

I love a good bargain

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

To Market, To Market.........

As many of you know
I love crafting

I especially love to decorate
jars and bottles

Well I finally got up the nerve....
took my wares to a few of the 
local antique stores around town........

......and they loved them!!!!!

So now I'm marketing my crafts
and making a little extra cash!!!!

Here is a sample of what I'm selling

tall bottles and a mini chalk board

I finally took the leap and learned how to tint my jars
I love how they turned out!!!!

I'm selling these little stands too!
They are a great way to
display your jar

I've started buying old frames and turning them into
cute blackboards

Didn't this jar turn out pretty

Every Little Birdie has gone to Market!!!!!
I'd love to have your comments, suggestions, and ideas

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Cherished Friendships

It is said......

A friend is one who knows you and
loves you just the same.

We've all had people that come into our lives, stay awhile,
and then they are gone

......and then there are those special friends that come into your
lives and simply STAY.......in good times,
and in the not so good times,

They are forever friends

We had two of our "forever" friends
visit this week

Tom, Carol and their sweet babies Isabella & Jessepe

me, carol and our sweet furry babies
at the beach

Aren't they adorable

Isabella in her party dress

Jessepe lounging in Pixie's wicker chair

Our friendship has always included
many fabulous meals throughout the years
(Dan & Tom are wonderful Chefs)
and Carol and I are very good at sipping wine and watching them cook!!

Here is a peak at some of
the delicious dishes Dan & Tom
cooked up!!

Shrimp Scampi to die for!!!!!

Tom is Italian and makes the
best pasta & sauce
I've ever eaten

The pasta was served with veal chops that were out of this world
Sorry I didn't get a picture of those.......I was in too much of a hurry to EAT them!!!!

Carol, hubby, and Tom
toasting to our friendship

Carol is a very talented seamstress
so while she was here
I got out the sewing cabinet
I inherited from hubby's grandmother

It's very old and I don't know much
about sewing so I'd never really
done anything with it.

Turns out it was beautiful
AND it worked like a charm

Carol and I went shopping
and I bought some pretty fabric

She helped me make my first "sewing" project

A Pretty Pillow

I also took Carol to all my favorite
flea markets and we found
some good loot!!!!
Carol bought me this darling metal sign

It looks great on my front porch

We had so much fun with our
"forever" friends

We love you Tom & Carol!!!!!

Come back and stay again soon!!!!

Every Little Birdie says-

“Stay is a charming word in a friend's vocabulary.”
Louisa May Alcott