Wednesday, August 26, 2015

White Wednesday

Dreaming of White
White   White    White
Every Little Birdie says
I'm in love with all things white!

Saturday, August 22, 2015

And the Grand Home Tour continues......

OK, put your walking shoes back on
because today we are going to be touring
 two of the National Trust's magnificent properties

Trerice is another beautiful Elizabethan Manor
 we toured while in Cornwall
Elegant Knot Garden
Hubby at the rear of the manor
standing next to the apple orchard. 
 and finally on our travels back
from Cornwall we visited the spectacular
Stourhead is a 1,072-hectare estate at the source of the River Stour near Mere, Wiltshire, England. The estate includes a Palladian Mansion, the village of Stourton, gardens,
farmland, and woodlands
 P.S. an hectare = 100 acres

Stourhead has a GRAND entrance

At one time the Gate Keepers actually lived in these towers and you had to receive their permission before entering the grounds

unless you were the king!

and that's my cousin looking back to check on the slow poke
American couple  (that would be me & hubby) who were not use
to walking as much as the English!!

Palladian Mansion
Palladian architecture is a European style of architecture derived from and inspired by the designs of the Venetian architect Andrea Palladio (1508–1580).
and the grounds are no less spectacular!
Lying in secluded privacy in its own valley, Stourhead in Wiltshire features one of the world’s finest landscape gardens. A magnificent lake is central to the design at Stourhead, with the lakes edge being adorned with classical temples, enchanting grottos and rare and exotic trees to discover.
 Temple to Flora in the background
 The Temple of Apollo
The day we were there, a wedding was taking place
at the temple, can you see the people?

As we strolled around we came upon
a row of charming cottages
and of course, Stourhead had to have
it's own church!!
Thanks for taking the tour
Thank you for allowing me to
reminisce a little on my time in England
and the wonderful places we visited
Every Little Birdie says -
this ends your tour
you may now take off your shoes
and rub your feet!!

Saturday, August 15, 2015

House Tour

Do you watch Downton Abbey?
If so, your going to love this post!!
I thought I'd take you on a tour of some of the
stately manor homes we toured last year on our
trip to England
(It's been almost a year and I've been reminiscing
through my photos from our trip)

These homes are GRAND in every way
Hope you enjoy the tour
Kingston Lacy
This National Trust Home was just a short drive
from my cousin's cottage

Gardens and stables are at back of house

View from side of home

Yours truly posing on the steps
And here is my favorite room
in this beautiful home

The lady of the Manor's Boudoir

They literally had to drag me out of this room. 
I would have stayed there forever!
(I don't know what the problem was....they could have visited me on the weekends)

Morning Tea
and later have your friends over for afternoon tea

Lanhydock Estate

We toured this home while on our "holiday" to Cornwall

Fireplace in the formal dining room
dishes in the kitchen
One of the formal living areas

Informal sitting room
Tea Time

Gentleman's Bedroom

Nanny's Room

Storage Room for Guests luggage

Let's step outside to the gardens

Formal Garden

and then on to the Higher Garden
(My Favorite)


Is it too much to want my front flowerbed to look just like this!

That's enough walking for one day.
Time to stop off at a local pub for a
little refreshment

Every Little Birdie says
But don't put your walking shoes away yet!
Next post we will tour two more stately homes

Sorry to say Highclere Castle is not on the tour
but if you've watched Downtown Abbey you've already toured it!