Sunday, July 12, 2015

Sippin' in the Shade

Saturday we gathered up our friends,
John & Rae
and took a drive out to a
little vineyard we'd been hearing about....



Lavaca Bluffs is a laid back

little piece of paradise



The owners having a charming country home
with a wrap around porch.  
Take a walk around back
and you'll find a lovely deck
that over looks the Lavaca River
Lavaca River

Owner's Home
The beautiful wrap around porch
Walk way from Tasting Room
Next door to their home is the tasting room.  
Once you select your choice of wine
you can make your way to the deck, 
and do some sippin' in the shade!




Dan and I had their homemade Sangria
and boy was it delicious

Rae and John enjoying the fruit and cheese tray with their wine




Where is this little piece of paradise?

All I remember is traveling down lots
and lots of country roads
But if you go to their webpage
Like we did!
You will find directions
Every Little Birdie says
Goodbye Lavaca Bluffs
We'll be visiting again real soon

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