Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Mirror Mirror On The Wall

When we moved into our home
four and a half years ago
I put this mirror on my
hubby's chest of drawers
I told him at the time
it was only temporary....
 until I found one more suitable
Well Guess What!!
I Finally Found One!
(yes, it took me that long)
(OK maybe I wasn't looking as hard as I should of been)
It's been sitting in a corner
waiting to be hung
Hubby had shoulder surgery
and I had to wait until he
was better to hang it....
He insists I need his help
and I'm too kind to tell him any different

He's very pleased with his new (old) mirror

and I think it fits well with my
cottage style

Every Little Birdie says

It's good to have a happy hubby!!

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