Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Location location location

As some of you know
vendors tend to move from
one space to another within the shop
Always trying to find that
just right location!
I've always stayed put
until now that is...
Previous Booth Space

Booth 16
10 X 10
at the back of the shop
 This booth had a little
wasted space
A center booth space
with aisles on either side
became available


So on a whim I moved!!
New Booth Space
15 x 5 center booth space # 15


 Even though the new space
is a bit smaller I love the

built in cabinet

Look how much stuff I was
able to put in this small space
behind the built in cabinet

Even room for my table and chairs

folks love it when they have
to rummage around a bit
to see everything
The Vintage Nest has
settled into her new spot
at Junktoria
and she loves it!!
Every Little Birdie says-
My motto has always been -
"If it ain't broke, don't fix it"
But hey, a girl can change her mind!

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