Friday, February 28, 2014

Day Tripping

Wednesday we headed 
to the hill country

first stop
Gonzales, to pop into my favorite
thrift shop on the square

Then to New Braunfels
to visit our dear friends
at Villa Sartain

 After catching up on their recent trip to Italy
we piled in Janie's new toy.....
Gucci Fiat

 and headed to Gruene, Texas

1st stop -happy hour at a local tavern
to hear our friend Allen Goodman play

I decided to try my hand at
taking pictures with my new app- "Simply HDR"

After some great music
we went to dinner at 

The Gruene Door 

 Wonderful atmosphere, Great Food

Thursday morning hubby
and I headed to Austin for 
a little more day tripping

State Capital

 First we visited a guitar shop for hubby
then I found a funky little thrift store
near the downtown area called 
Treasure City Thrift on 7th St.

Next we headed to Foodheads Cafe

  Let's try my simply HDR app -
Oh this is fun photography

Back to lunch - I had a grilled chicken/eggplant 
sandwich to die for!!
This is a must place for lunch should you find
yourself in Austin!!!!

After lunch back to New Braunfels for a little more shopping
at Lot 59
also called Junkology

and then a little evening entertainment
at the Villa


Janie and my hubby 
always deliver a great show!!

 Great time with great friends

Every Little Birdie says-
I love to go day tripping!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

90 years young

My mom turned 90 February 13th

In honor of mom, my sister and I planned a party
for the entire family to

90 reasons why
we love mom, nana,

We spent the day decorating, arranging flowers
picking up a delicious cake

Everything is in it's place - now we are ready for the crowd!

Mom surrounded by her family, aka "the crowd"

We present Mom with her "90 reasons" book

Everyone contributed with their own special memories 

She loved her book!!
My sister with my mom, 90 years young!

My sister filled a large silver bowl with
pictures of mom and family throughout the years
Everyone enjoyed reminiscing 
After presents, presenting her book and looking at pictures - a delicious meal - crab casserole, salmon, salad and crusty bread

and a little singing to the birthday girl

 and then it was photo time
(me, mom, and Tricia)

 Four generation of girls

Me and my kiddos

Happy Birthday to my wonderful mom
Our entire family is so blessed to have
her as our matriarch

At the end of her party she wanted to know
what we are going to do for her 100th birthday!

Got to love her spirit!

Every little birdie says-
  When I count my blessings
I count mom twice!

P.S.  Thanks Katy for all your hard work on putting the book together- Great Job!!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

I'M BACK!!!!!!!

I'm returning from my 
little break from blogging!!

Refreshed & Renewed

What did I do while I was 
on my break, you might ask

I taught a six weeks bible study
on the book of Ruth
for the ladies at my church
(What an incredible love story!)

 I moved my 
"Vintage Nest" booth
to a new shop!
(moving is no fun but my new shop is great)

My sister and I planned
a 90th birthday party for my mom!
 (it was last weekend and the entire family attended)

and I started planning
a trip to visit my cousins
in England later this year
 (We will be in England for an entire month!!)

It's been a busy six weeks
but I'm finally ready to 
rejoin the blogging world. 

Stay tuned for posts
on the new shop, new inventory,
and my mom's fabulous 90th B/D party

Thanks to everyone who visited my blog in my 
absence.  You guys are great!!

Every Little Birdie says
It's good to be back!!