Thursday, February 20, 2014

90 years young

My mom turned 90 February 13th

In honor of mom, my sister and I planned a party
for the entire family to

90 reasons why
we love mom, nana,

We spent the day decorating, arranging flowers
picking up a delicious cake

Everything is in it's place - now we are ready for the crowd!

Mom surrounded by her family, aka "the crowd"

We present Mom with her "90 reasons" book

Everyone contributed with their own special memories 

She loved her book!!
My sister with my mom, 90 years young!

My sister filled a large silver bowl with
pictures of mom and family throughout the years
Everyone enjoyed reminiscing 
After presents, presenting her book and looking at pictures - a delicious meal - crab casserole, salmon, salad and crusty bread

and a little singing to the birthday girl

 and then it was photo time
(me, mom, and Tricia)

 Four generation of girls

Me and my kiddos

Happy Birthday to my wonderful mom
Our entire family is so blessed to have
her as our matriarch

At the end of her party she wanted to know
what we are going to do for her 100th birthday!

Got to love her spirit!

Every little birdie says-
  When I count my blessings
I count mom twice!

P.S.  Thanks Katy for all your hard work on putting the book together- Great Job!!

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  1. Hi, I couldn't help commenting on your wonderful tribute to your mom. My mom is turning 90 this June and we (she) is planning a big party to celebrate. if you don't mind I think I'll use your idea of 90 reasons book. What a wonderful way for everyone to share their memories.
    Thank you for sharing and I love her spirit of looking forward to her 100!