Friday, November 7, 2014

There's Change in the Air

I know I promised my friends & family
my next post would be about our
time in France.....
However, I just couldn't wait to tell
you about a change that's going on.........
The Vintage Nest is moving!!!!!
You know how it is, Autumn comes
and you can just feel the change in the air
Well, I've felt this change a comin' for a while
and now that it's here I couldn't be more EXCITED
There is a new place in town
and girlfriend it's right up my alley!
And I bet it is yours too!!
The Vintage Nest will be moving
the end of November
It's located at 1412 Juan Linn in Victoria, Texas
For those of you that are local take Laurent Street
South pass the big Laurent Antique Mall, cross over Hwy 59 and hang
a right on Juan Linn. 
 It's the shabby building on the right.
I absolutely love the atmosphere and energy
of this great new shop!
Michelle and Mariane (partners in the shop
and two awesome junkin' gals)
have done a great job putting together
such an eclectic group of vendors
and I'm proud to be one of them

Aren't you in Junk Heaven!

Oh but wait, it gets junkier
and if you love junk you'll
know that's a good thing!
This is the hottest new place in town!
and I'm thrilled to be joining
all the excitement very soon....
That blank area in the back
is soon to be my space
Can't wait to show you how I Junk it Up!!!
Every Little Birdie says
Aren't you in the mood to go junkin' at


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