Thursday, May 8, 2014

Happy 40th

This past weekend was my and hubby's
40th Anniversary

Our real gift to each other is our 
trip to England in the fall

But hubby decided a little 
day trip might be a fun way to celebrate

So we hit Hwy 77 headed to Round Top
for a yummy meal at

Royer's Cafe

 If you've never had the pleasure of eating
at this little hole in the wall place

You've missed out!!

Gourmet food and the best pie this side of heaven!

People have tacked notes all over the walls
so we decided to add our own note


If you are ever there be sure and look for our note!!

After a superb lunch, and yes it included pie!
we waddled to our car and headed
to Fayetteville, Texas (just down the road)
 for the Weekend Art Walk
and Wine Tasting


Lots of beautiful paintings, handcrafted jewelry
and other wonderful creations

Festivities including a group of 
musicians jamming

 Fayetteville has a charming square
with the original old courthouse at the center
of the grounds

It was a lovely day to celebrate 
40 years with my favorite guy

Every Little Birdie says
Thanks for the beautiful roses honey
I love you to the moon and back!!!!

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