Sunday, May 18, 2014

Baby Sitting Bambi

Hubby and I were sitting on the
screened porch this evening
enjoying the cool breeze,
listening to the birds singing, watching the 
hummingbirds racing here and there
when hubby spied something......

a baby fawn lying very still at the base of one of our trees
We had seen the deer stash their
new born babies on our property
while they went off to graze 
and make milk to nurse them

....but this was not a new born

why had his/her mother left her there????
We soon came to a conclusion -
There is a house in our area that
feeds the deer
Every evening around 5:00 p.m.
the deer always congregate 
there for what we like to call -
"The Deer Happy Hour"

.....knowing what nice people we are
she decided we could just keep an
eye on junior while she met up with
some of her girl friends for a 
little refreshment and R&R


an hour later, here she came
with one of her girl friends in tow,
collected her baby fawn
and off they went into the
woods behind us

Every Little Birdie says-
Deer baby sitting fee - who knows ??? 
maybe $10.00 an hour
The chance to actually watch one for an hour - PRICELESS

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