Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Last post I promised to show
you the treasures we bought
while shopping in
Warrenton/Round Top
at the Antique Show

R e m e m b e r
One man's junk is another "woman's" treasure!!

Loot Shoot Thursday night at the hotel
But wait.....
there was more shopping
on Friday

 Aluminum bowl
Silver baby cup and fork & spoon

 Pretty lamp shade & plate

 Old photo, pretty bowl

 A collection of old lids
The finished display will be in my booth soon!!

  Not sure what this metal piece is.....

but I knew I had to have it!

  Old bottle for $1.00!!
(I added the antique flower)

 Gold frame, doilies

 Crocheted tablecloth

and lots and lots of linens

OK, here is another teaser.....

Next post I'll show you
what I'm doing with some of these

Every Little Birdie says
  Don't you just love someone
else's good junk!!

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