Friday, April 11, 2014

Birthday Surprise

My birthday was back in February

Last time I was up to visit my Mom
she said I have your birthday
present back here in my bedroom

She took me back and to my 
utter surprise

There was the old family
music box

  It's been in my English family for over
100 years, maybe 150 years

She brought it back from England
on a trip to visit my grandparents
in England when I was five

I have always been madly in love
with this old box

So I was so very honored 
that she would pass it down to me!

It now takes a cozy spot on top the wine rack in my dining room
 It has three bells, is hand cranked,
and has a channel changer switch
to change songs

It makes the most beautiful music
this side of heaven


Thank you mom for trusting me
with this beautiful old treasure

 I will love and care for it
until it's time for me to pass it down

(note to sweet daughter - it won't be anytime soon!)

Every Little Birdie says
   Love the sweet music of times past

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