Sunday, November 18, 2012

Saturday on the Square

Market Days on the Square
 this past Saturday......

Hubby and I arrived at the square
 around 7:00 a.m. to start setting up

It was an unusually cold morning for South Texas
(thank goodness for layered clothes and hot coffee!!!)

I had borrowed a friend's tent/canopy
and one of the other vendors noticed
we were having a little trouble putting it up

"Want me to show you the easy way to put that thing up?" he said

...and before you know it this super great guy
had our tent up!!!!

Next, we started hauling all the "stuff"
from our cars to my booth area
and before long it looked like this.....

After a little tweaking I had everything
displayed the way I wanted it

Blackboards were grouped

Chicken wire frames all
stacked in my wire basket

I liked the way my wire display board turned out
My little sign at the top said
"Add something fun to your chicken wire frame"
Everything on this display was $3.00

I even had one for sale that was "pre-done"
(for those without imagination)

All my shabby furniture was lined up in
a pretty little row!!!!

Didn't these painted bottles with cute flowers make a pop of color????

lots of things to choose from

My bottles and jars were a big hit

they also loved anything with sheet music on it

I had a great location very close
to the gazebo where live music
was being performed

I wish the turnout had been a little better
but over all for my first time
I think it went very well

and I'm so thankful for my sweet friend Judy
who stayed the entire day giving me support, help and
best of all her friendship!!!!

Every Little Birdie says-

A little cold cash, a lot of fun
and fellowship with old and new friends
I think I'll do it again.....

but I'm going to wait till


  1. It looks great!!!!! Hard to believe it was your first! ♥

    1. Thanks so much. It was a lot of work, but so much fun!

  2. Your booth was very pleasing to the eye - most important to draw those customers. Hope you enjoyed it and will do it again in the spring. It will get addicting. I have a permanent booth in a mall. I have been doing this since 1998 and love the people I meet!

    1. Thanks Donna. I enjoyed it very much and look forward to doing it again in the Spring.

  3. well done! i have just started to do something similar here in Australia!

    1. Thanks Deanne. Let me know what your blog's name is. I'd love to visit.

  4. LOVE your booth!!! I've been making chalk boards all through October!!! I'd like to try a space for my vintage too:) Following your blog now. Follow me too at I posted "dolled up" to the knick of time party:)

    1. Would love to see your chalk boards. Thanks for becoming a follower. I'll visit you at Sew Sweet Vintage.

  5. Your space looks fantastic!! I love the wire board and the frame! I'm your newest follower, and invite you to visit and say hi :)

    1. Thanks so much. I checked out your shop and it is beautiful. Thanks for becoming a follower!!!

  6. You did a wonderful job setting up your booth, Marsha - especially for the first time!!! I love that you displayed like things together and gave your customers an opportunity to create their own work of art. Brilliant idea! I'm always looking for creative ways of staging a booth since I'll be vendoring for the 3rd time next May, so thanks for the great inspiration!

    xoxo laurie