Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Down to the Wire

If you are a follower
you know I've been working
for months getting ready
for my "first time" booth
at the Victoria Market Days

It's this Saturday!!!!

I'm just about ready......

.....finished up a few last minute crafts today

Made a couple of signs

In the Garden we forget to count the hours

It is well with my soul

Painted a few more wine bottles

Made a sign for my booth

Of course Birdie thought her sign needed a bird's nest!!

Then I started checking off my to do list -

 priced items - done

Blackboards are priced

Drawers are priced

Candles are priced, etc, etc, etc.....

My dear friend Judy who is going to help me
work my booth brought her tables to
bible study today

 Picked up tables for booth- done!

Made an inventory of all my product - done!

Another sweet friend at a local Antique Store
is letting me borrow her tent (just in case it rains)
Did I really say that????

I'll pick it up tomorrow

and the list goes on, I'll be a busy girl this week

See you after "Market Days"

Every Little Birdie says -

"Busy hands are happy hands,
but idle hands are the devil's workshop"

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