Saturday, November 19, 2016

My Slice of Paradise

Everyone's has their favorite getaway
a place to relax, and chill.....

 Rockport, Texas is OURS!

Since I'm now officially RETIRED 
we decided to pack our beach gear
mid week and head to the COAST!!

It's about an hour away 
from our little "Nest"
and the perfect place to escape

Rockport's a great Beach Town
(with a certified Blue Wave Beach)

We stayed in a cute little Cottage across
from Little Bay and the beach
The yacht club/marina at Little Bay

view of Little Bay from the cottages

Our "home away from home"
was adjacent to the gorgeous pool!!

and our cottage was cozy and cute

After soaking up the ambiance of our
"little slice of paradise"
we headed across to the beach
for some R & R

75 degrees in November
You gotta love TEXAS!

Later that evening we were cooking steaks
on the grill (oh yea, next to that great pool)
and I discovered our wine opener was broke!!!
I opened the door to head out and hubby said
where are you going?

Off to borrow a wine opener 
from one of our neighbors 

I saw the lady next door and told her we had
an emergency over at cottage #7
Oh my honey, what is it?

Our opener is broke and 
we can't open our wine!!!

Well, that IS an emergency, she said with a smile on her face,
take mine but bring it back!!
I need to open my wine too!

You can always depend on Southern folks!!

The next day we hit the road
and headed over to another beachy town


Off season at the beach is awesome!
The temperature is perfect and there are no crowds

We set up our beach camp

and then decided to take Lacy Mae
on a beach stroll

She saw the seagulls

and some large boats

She met a couple of locals that were walking the beach rescuing stranded star fish we continued our walk we saw the
images of the star fish in the sand

How cool is this?
Lacy Mae loved combing the beach

and me and hubby loved our 
beach retreat

Every Little Birdie says
Retired life is the good life!!

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