Sunday, November 8, 2015

Cottage Attic

I recently took a painting assignment
for an interior decorator in town
She was remodeling a beautiful country home
and the adjoining guest house 
The guest house had an upstairs
bedroom that had the feel of an old attic,
which was charming but it was a little too dark
She wanted me to paint
 the existing furniture
to brighten the room

The desk was beautiful as is
but too dark for this room


We decided to paint the bottom
on this piece but keep
the gorgeous zebra top

Not quite finished but looking brighter!
Wouldn't you love to be a guest
in this cozy room
I loved working on this desk
lots of wonderful areas to distress

and the same with this beautiful
chair which will soon be
upholstered with a new
beautiful fabric

It's fun working on a project
and seeing it progress from
beginning to end
Every Little Birdie says
I think the owner will love her new "attic" room


  1. So you did end up painting the zebra top then according to your pictorial - ? Either way it looks fabulous. I wonder why she didn't opt to paint the wonderful panelled ceiling boards white? THAT would've brightened things up immensley.

    Looks great regardless - the furniture pieces and that awesome stained glass window are absolutely dreamy!

  2. Michele, I painted the desk completely white but I did leave the zebra top on the side table. If you look at the finished picture you will see it to the right. The Decorator would have loved to paint the ceiling white but the owner did not want her to. Unfortunately you are limited to what the owner wants even though (I agree) it would look much better.