Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Multi Purpose

Are any of your rooms multi-purpose?
My Guest Room certainly is!!
It's for my guests,
it's an office,
and it's my crafting room.
A comfy bed for my guests
And a desk unit for work
and crafting
of course when I'm crafting it
DOES NOT look this tidy
....but I'm not revealing those pictures!
It's a scary sight!!
The baskets are a new
addition for my files
Found them on the cheap
at Ross and I love them!
Above the desk an old ammo box
from my hubby's grandfather
topped with a picture of my grands
I'm always changing out the décor
in this room.......
My latest décor - Vintage bottles
I bought while on my trip
to Cornwall, England
They were dug up in that area
and date back to the 1800's
This little hammer was a gift
from a special friend at Christmas
The plaque says -
"I have a hammer and I know how to use it"
(She knows me well!)
Most of the things in this room
are my re-purposed creations
What I didn't make or re-purpose
I found at local thrift shops
I love this little corner  
of the room's filled with treasures and
things I love
Every time I have guests they say-
"Oh my, I think you've changed things
up a bit in this room"
"Yep, I sure have!"
Every little Birdie says
There's no moss growing under these feet!

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