Sunday, August 24, 2014

Bucket List

 Do you have a bucket list?

Come this September I'll be able to check off
Number One on my bucket list!!

A Trip back to England!
and the tiny village of Wareham
The Quay -Wareham

Where my mom grew up, 
Where she met my Dad,
Where I lived for a while at the age of 18

The Lord Nelson Pub, Wareham, Dorset, England

This was my Granddad's Pub, 
where one day a handsome soldier dropped in for 
a pint of beer, met a very pretty English girl, 
and the rest, as they say is history

G.I. from Texas + English girl = Me!!

Two families were united but also divided
by a very large pond

But the distance hasn't stopped us 
from visiting each other over the years.
I have fond memories from the trips
I took as a very small child,
but my love affair with England
began at the age of 18  
when I truly fell in love 
with this land and my English family
And a few years later 
when I married  hubby we traveled again
to England so he could meet my family and
experience the beauty of this small country,
but sadly we haven't been back since that trip
(It's been 39 years)

Last year we had visits from all three 
of my English cousins and their wives 
and the decision was made.....
2014 is our year to visit them!
We will be spending the entire month
of September in England.
I promise to post blogs from my cousin's
computer to keep you updated on our
travels and our time with my family

(and while I'm there I'll be checking off a few more things on my
bucket list, but that's for another blog)

Every Little Birdie says
We will be visiting Port Isaac, Cornwall,
 Cherrio for now

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