Sunday, June 26, 2016

Tea for Two

My dear friend and sister-in-Christ
invited me to her lovely home for 
an afternoon Tea

We share a love of all things

Laura loves to set a pretty table

She has a beautiful china collection 

and often uses different sets
for different seasons of the year 

Her corner hutch holds a collection of her grandmother's bone china

Aren't they perfect for a  pretty spring table setting

For our tea she choose her
Royal Blue and White set

I felt like a queen sitting down to
this exquisite tea

She prepared a lovely
selection of sweet and savory 
 delicacies for our tea

Every dainty bite was delicious.........

But when she brought out a plate of her 
freshly baked scones I was in pure heaven

and of course she had lemon curd 
and clotted cream to go a top 
her yummy scones

What a wonderful finish to a delightful 
afternoon cream tea

For those of you who aren't familiar with the 
term "Cream Tea"
(and I wasn't until my recent trip to England to visit my relatives) 
it's an afternoon tea (light meal) that includes a combination of
scones, clotted cream, and jam.

Sometimes referred to as a Devon or Cornish Cream Tea

Every Little Birdie says

Tea for Two with a special friend
A perfectly lovely afternoon



Monday, June 13, 2016

Decorating on a budget

Before you start your decor project

you need two things:


(And just because you have a budget
doesn't mean you have to compromise
on your design plan)

Try these tips for  s t r e t c h i n g  your budget

Go online for help and ideas
Shop Second Hand/Thrift stores
Re-purpose items
Re-Paint furniture

Let me show you an example of how I
stretched my budget while 
re-decorating my living area  


 A new sofa and love seat were not in my budget
So I re-purposed!!


Slip covers are a great way to give your
room a totally different look

and here are a few more tips 
from online designers Laurel & Wolf

check out their online web site here


Every Little Birdie says
 Re-design, Re-Purpose


Saturday, May 28, 2016

Designed with Love

One of my BFF's recently
remodeled her guest room
this gal is a very talented seamstress

She selected a pretty material
(to compliment her
newly painted walls) and made
these beautiful drapes!!

and she found the Romeo and Juliette
print at her local charity shop
(She is the queen of bargain shopping)

The room is still a work in progress
but I think it's looking great!

This dear friend has a May birthday
so I decided to re-design
something special for her new room
as my birthday gift

My creative juices are flowing
a little slow these days
but I finally stumbled upon
a piece at an estate sale
that inspired me!!

It was a cute little chair
that needed a lot of TLC

I love transforming the ugly duckling
into the beautiful I paid my
$8.00 and hauled it to my car

Once home I gave it a good cleaning
a little glue here and there
and started mixing paint
to get a nice soft blue that would
compliment the drapes


I added some little tiles
as a focal point

and used an old burlap
coffee sack to cover the seat

added a cute little
burlap heart pillow

and it's ready for Carol's newly
redone Guest Bedroom

Every Little Birdie says
I can't wait to spend the night
in this beautiful room!

Friday, April 22, 2016

Color me Summer!

It's beginning to get warm
here in Texas
Time to change my bedding
Winter to Summer
Lighter colors - Lighter covers

Found this pretty chenille bedspread
at Warrenton during the Spring Antique Show
Love the PINK
and it's so light weight for Summer
Every Little Birdie says
Sweet Dreams

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Keep Calm and S T A G E !!

  Every Little Birdie continues her staging series
What is staging ?
I can tell you what it's not
It's not decorating
Decorating is personalizing your home 
Staging is de-personalizing your home
It needs to be simple
DE cluttered
and pleasing to the "buyers" eye
 and don't be afraid to invest
in your staging project

Creating a staging budget is essential
and in the long run it will cost much less
than reducing your asking price

 Let's drop by another
 This Florida home has a polished style

 and today we are staging the bedroom

 Love this white, bright room but
 it needs something...


This home is filled with cool colors
like blue and grays

Why not mix it up a little
and use the warm hues of red and yellow
in the bedroom

Warm colors are often said to be hues from red through yellow, browns and tans included; cool colors are often said to be the hues from blue green through blue violet, most grays included.

Time to spend some of the staging budget....

This bedding from
makes a real statement
(approx $100.00)
You can never go wrong with RED!!
add a few accent pillows
and you've got your pop of color!! 

The bed is the focal point of any bedroom

so let's move the bed and angle it. 



Angling a bed from the corner gives the room an entirely different feel
Place bed in right corner

I'd also like to move the yellow
rug to the left wall
 don't you love how the color of the rug compliments our bedding

Now we need to shop for two chairs
to place on the rug
(We are going to make a little sitting area)

Love this chair from Pottery Barn
but it might not be in our budget

How about this similar chair from for $199.00

Use one of the bedside tables
between the two chairs
Now moving over to the other wall
Let's replace the bench with a dresser

You can find lots of selections at Goodwill or Salvation Army

I found this one for $45.00 at my Salvation Army

Paint it white

and you have the perfect piece for
the bedroom!!

(Place the other white lamp on the dresser)


Every Little Birdie says
Stage it - Sell it!

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Rustic & Rusty

That just about sums up my outdoor patio
As most of you know
we do most of our relaxing
on our screened porch

We love our "southern style" 
screened porch

 But sometimes we venture outdoors
to what we affectionately call our
Red Neck Patio
It's exposed to the
elements and things tend
to get a little shabby
(and I don't mean "good shabby"!)
But I think it has it's own charm
I recently added a couple of
"Rustic" pieces
Let me show you.......
Found this old wash tub
in Giddings, Tx
at the Whistle Stop

Filled it with birdhouses
and plants

Rust will only improve this!

and then today I dropped into
the new "JUNKTORIA"
located out Hwy 185

.....and found this great table!

It has an iron base with
a white enamel top

Already a little rusty
with a great green patina on the iron

 My Dad's old minnow bucket
filled with succulents is just the decor
this table needs!!
And how great is this
old rusty metal box
turned into a planter
and walking from the house
out to the patio
look what I (Almost) stumbled upon....
A new born fawn!!!

During the Spring we often
find these babies stashed on our property.  
The mothers leave them for short periods
when they forage for food.
These babies lay perfectly still
not even blinking!
And the Good Lord, in His
infinite wisdom,
doesn't give them a scent
until they are older, therefore
they are usually safe from predators.
Of course I keep my eye on them
till Mom get's back!!
Every Little Birdie says
Regardless if we are on the
Front porch
Screened porch
or Outdoor porch
Life is just better on a porch!