Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Foodie Weekend

We had a fabulous weekend with our
good friends Tom & Carol
They drove down from the DFW area to
spend a few days at our Nest
Our new puppy, Lacy Mae, was
so excited to have their two little
fur babies to frolic with around
the house, screened porch, and yard
Any time we all get together
both hubbies are excellent chefs
and love to cook
We gave them the first night off
and enjoyed a lovely dinner at
the Pumphouse Restaurant in Victoria
Next day the guys were off to HEB
for all their "foodie" supplies
Once they had marinated the meat and done
a little prepping we were off to the beach
for a little R & R

Carol with her two sweet fur babies

Me & my guy

Lacy Mae with her new friends
 Isabella, and Giusepee
enjoying beach time
Sun drenched, and relaxed we headed home
to clean up and get ready for our
anticipated "Thai" dinner......
Tom & Carol
First course
Egg Rolls with special sause
Second course
Tom Yum Koong Soup
with shrimp and fish
Main Entrée
Crying Tiger Lamb
Served with Jasmine Rice

WOW, what an incredible meal
Thank you Chef Tom for sharing your
"Thai" talents with us
and hubby for your excellent
grilling skills
but wait there's more........
I had requested my favorite Italian dish
so the next evening our talented hubbies
prepared Osso Buco!!
My two favorite Chefs

Lamb shank with Red Sauce over Risotto
w/ Ceaser salad
I can't thank our two wonderful chefs enough
for this beautiful meal, it was to die for!

Such a great weekend sharing food and fellowship
with two long time dear friends
Every Little Birdie says
It was just heavenly

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Reuse Redesign

I went to a fabulous estate sale recently
Found lots of "GOOD" junk
....one of my finds was
three enamel pans
I have a serious love affair with enamel
thought I'd show you
how I reused them
A little Garden Art!!
filled the pans with succulents, rose moss
and dusty miller
Topped it off with a whimsical fairy
Every Little Birdie says-
Reuse, Redesign!!

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Ready for Summer

I've been out puttering around my garden
and porches
freshening things for the
arrival of Summer
Now I'm just waiting for
those lazy "dog days"
of summer
Every Little Birdie says
Looking forward to the long hot summer......

Sunday, May 17, 2015

An English Summer.......

One of the many delights I experienced
during my time in England was
"The English Summerhouse"
A summer house or summerhouse has traditionally referred to a building or shelter used for relaxation in warm weather.[1] This would often take the form of a small, roofed building on the grounds of a larger one, but could also be built in a garden or park, often designed to provide cool shady places of relaxation or retreat from the summer heat.
As summer approach's this Texas girl
(with a strong English heritage)
is dreaming ......

What would my summerhouse
look like????

Cool colors would certainly help
in the hot Texas heat
I could dream of a pretty English garden
but the Texas white tail deer would gobble
it up before my dream was over!
But still a girl can dream
and of course, pretty furnishing
would be a must!
and here is where my dream
originated.....in my cousin's pretty English
garden, where I spent many an
afternoon relaxing in his sweet
little summerhouse
Andy's summerhouse

Every Little Birdie says
Just a Texas girl dreaming of a English Summer

Friday, May 8, 2015

Quiet Time

Yesterday was
National Day of prayer
but it wasn't until today that
I found time for some
quiet reflection
Just me & God
I went to my favorite place 
to be still, meditate and pray
Victoria Education Gardens
aka "The Secret Garden"
I call it the secret garden because
no one is ever there,
I'm always there alone and I love it
I began by strolling around
looking at all the beautiful flowers

I like to think that when
God made me in His image
He created me with a love
for flowers!
I have a plaque in my garden
that says
"You are closer to God in a garden
than any where else on earth"

I certainly feel close to Him
in this beautiful place
Finally I found a nice place
to sit and thank God for
His incredible creation
and for the many blessings
in my life
It's not often, in our busy lives,
that we take time to
acknowledge God,
How Good and Perfect He is
reflect on His Holiness
Think about the sacrifice
Jesus made for us on the cross
taking our sin and washing us
white as snow so we can have
a relationship with the
One and only God
Creator of the Universe
The Great I AM
And Every Little Birdie says..

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Location location location

As some of you know
vendors tend to move from
one space to another within the shop
Always trying to find that
just right location!
I've always stayed put
until now that is...
Previous Booth Space

Booth 16
10 X 10
at the back of the shop
 This booth had a little
wasted space
A center booth space
with aisles on either side
became available


So on a whim I moved!!
New Booth Space
15 x 5 center booth space # 15


 Even though the new space
is a bit smaller I love the

built in cabinet

Look how much stuff I was
able to put in this small space
behind the built in cabinet

Even room for my table and chairs

folks love it when they have
to rummage around a bit
to see everything
The Vintage Nest has
settled into her new spot
at Junktoria
and she loves it!!
Every Little Birdie says-
My motto has always been -
"If it ain't broke, don't fix it"
But hey, a girl can change her mind!