Monday, December 15, 2014

2014 Year in Review

It seems I've reached the stage of my life where the years seem to go by faster and faster.  This year has been a busy one but there have been so many memories.....
February I moved my Vintage Nest
to Good Old Days Antique Mall
I learned a lot about Antiques and collectables
during my time at Good Old Days
February was also my Mom's 90th birthday!
A wonderful family celebration of a great lady!
Four generations of strong, confident women
 (all because of you mom)
In May hubby and I celebrated
40 years of marriage
40 years hanging out with your best friend
Now that's worth a toast!!!
In June I became the new secretary
of Fellowship Bible church
working half days Monday through Thursday
I love working at my church and I have the
best boss ever - Pastor Clayton Lopez!!!! 
July brought sadness
We lost our BFF
Our little Pixie pie, we miss her so much
but she lives on in our hearts
August brought us a ranch hand
Our grandson, Trace came to stay with
us for a couple of weeks
and helped out on the Easley Ranch
September was our trip of a life time!!
England, France, Belgium
Family photo in Wareham, England

Hubby & I in Cornwall, England
Cornwall, England

My flight with cousin Martin
Our views 
Family photo in Bruge, Belgium

Beautiful Bruge, Belgium
November the Vintage Nest
took flight and landed at

I love being at this great new place!!

and Thanksgiving brought
my children and grand's home to the nest
My kids -Jenn & Justin
Avery, granddaughter
Jenn & grandson, Trace
and here we are in December!
What a busy, wonderful, fun, year!
I love that we end each year
celebrating the birth of our
Savior, Jesus Christ.
Every Little Birdie says-
Thank you Jesus for a year full of blessings!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Clay Rose

I recently bought a bucket of
Sculpt It Modeling clay
I was trying to find a way
 to fix this
architectural applique 

which I bought at an Estate sale for one dollar!
Didn't realize 'till I got it home the curl on the
right side was broke off.

No problem I thought,
I'll buy some clay and re-create the curl
It did work- sort of.....
We're not going to examine it
too closely but it looks
better than it did
Not sure how I'm going to use this applique 
but it just might be a pretty addition
to one of my furniture redos
Any old way, after I finished the above project
I decided, since I have an entire
bucket of this modeling clay
I'd try my hand at a little project
I made a rose to go on a
graduation present for my niece
I used a little distressing ink
on the edges to give it a little character
Thought it turned out OK for a little
decoration on a package
Anyone have any ideas on what I can
do with the rest of this clay?????
Every Little Birdie says-
Come on all you crafters out there
let me hear from you!


Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Christmas, keeping it simple

We will be traveling for Christmas this year
Therefore I decided to keep the decorations simple
A few wreaths with burlap bows
on the front porch
I don't do lights
remember I'm keeping it simple
Inside I continue with the wreath theme
I'm not putting my big tree up this year,
so instead I've placed small trees
throughout the house

And a few Christmas touches
on the screened porch
And last a little
vignette by the back door
After all, that's where
all our
neighbors call

Every Little Birdie says
Here's to the simple pleasures
during this Christmas season
.........and don't forget