Tuesday, October 27, 2015

White Wednesday

If you've followed my blog
for a while, you know two things
about me.....
         1.  I always forget to take "before" pictures
              of my furniture projects.
        2.  I paint everything WHITE!!!
Amazing as it is,
I actually remembered to
take a few BEFORE pictures!!
So this White Wednesday
I'd like to share my latest projects
Before & After
and yes, they will all be WHITE

I found this lowboy buffet
at Salvation Army

It had been there for months but
the price was a little too high

Finally the price got right
and I snatched it up!!

It needed a lot of cleaning,
a little repair work,
the top needed sanding,
some new hardware,
and WHITE paint!!

Isn't is amazing what a little paint can do?

 The new "bling" hardware
really helped too!
It now resides in my
Just waiting for the right customer!
This was a beautiful piece
however, the interior decorator
I was doing some work for
needed it to be WHITE
We decided to leave the top stained wood
I love the contrast!
I think the white really
brings out it's character
This is sort of a before picture
At least I remembered to grab my camera
before I painted it completely white
Don't you just love the legs on this piece!!

Boring brown table in need of repair
turned into a beautiful antique white
farmhouse table!

I love to re-purpose!!
and for the last couple of WHITE projects
you'll just have to use your imagine
on the BEFORE
because all your getting is the AFTER
(and you know why)

Tables are a hot item in my booth right now
which means I'm always in the process
of painting my next table!!
A little WHITE paint makes such a difference
Note to self:  take a picture of the table
that's sitting in my garage right now 
waiting to be painted
Every Little Birdie says
I forgot is my middle name!!